Answers to the most asked questions

Why would I be interested in taking an online course for a full NDT/NDE theory course?

Our online course is more than competitive at a price of $699 USD. Secondly, you do not have to travel, lose work-time or pay for a hotel – if attending a one or two week classroom seminar. Thirdly, we provide a 1 on 1 Instruction and you are not confined to the 8-5pm, Monday to Friday routine – with a ‘do or die’ final exam. If you don’t pass on your first examination attempt with WorldSpec , we allow you to re-study the specific problem areas and take the exam again whenever you are ready.

Will I be fully certified when I complete my course(s)?

No, typically, training is only part of the requirements for full certification. Experience, eye examinations and other practical training, as defined in the Standard used or the employer's Written Practice, must be met as a prerequisite to certification. A signed, authorized course completion certificate will be issued to all who pass the course.

Although we do not directly certify students who use our online courses, we can issue certifications to companies who hire us as an outside agency. This can be done through our NDT Level III program, which will allow us to issue certifications based on the company's Written Practice.

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Is it $699 for each course or for all of them together?

The price of $699 is for each course. Two of our NDT methods (MPI and LPI) do offer the level I and II together for the one price of $699USD.

Do you offer any specials?

Yes, we quite often have 2 course, 3 course and 4 course specials on sale. Go to https://www.worldspec.org/ndt-training/ to see if we currently do.

Are there other costs necessary to complete the course(s)?

There are no additional resources to purchase, you can print off a course PDF if you would like to study from paper.

Are there other courses (not full theory classes) available?

Yes, we have Refresher Courses for those candidates who wish to renew their previous studies or prepare for an upcoming classroom seminar. We offer those at a cost of $699USD/ Course.

Are the courses certified/qualified for countries other than the USA?

No, we are not certified by anyone. We are authorized to provide the theory training courses (not inclusive of the practical component) that meet the ASNT-ACCP, EN-473, CGSB and BINDT minimum requirements for theory training. As a general study program, they can be (are) made to satisfy - Company SNT-TC-1A Recommended Practice programs as well. WorldSpec is also a Professional NDT Level III company – supplying/preparing NDT procedures and programs for many companies around the world.

Must I have experience in NDT/NDE to take these courses?

No experience in NDT, Inspection and/or Testing is necessary to take one of our online courses. With no restricted time limit to complete each course – the student can start learning from any point in his/her work experience environment. Most classroom seminars are one or two weeks in duration with a pressure packed Friday (to complete a final exam) – where our online courses can be one week to one full year to complete.

Why is the currency in USD?

Most countries around the globe know where their currency sits with regards to the American Dollar and is the easiest to convert for the student. We have students from all over the world online 24/7. We also offer some reprieve from high exchange rates – just ask for a discount – stating this FAQ.

Can I have access anywhere I have the internet?

Of course you can access the courses from any computer on the world-wide-web. Start and Stop anywhere you want in/on the course and go back/forth in the course material anytime you wish.

Can I have access 24/7?

Yes, you can be working on your course at home (in bed), at the airport or in the library – at any hour of the day you want.

Can I print any of the course material – to better study away from the computer?

Yes, we offer certain areas of the programs available for printing (larger text areas, etc.). This can be then used at work, on the road, in a taxi/airplane and/or anywhere you do not have an internet connection.

How long do I have to complete my course(s)?

You can take anywhere from one week to one full year to complete your study programs. Your online Instructor is available for same day questions/answers, consultations or special needs. The courses are meant to be self-study for those that like to do on their own, but the Instructors expect to hear from each student on a regular basis – to ensure the proper areas of study and offer assistance in any related NDT, inspection or testing area.

Does every student have a personal online Instructor?

Yes, an online Instructor is assigned to each student for the length of their course(s). The Instructors are able to help with any questions, offer support and any work related answers with their many years of experience. Each Instructor is a Senior NDT or Eng. Technician with years of experience in the method of instruction.

Are there exams and certificates for each course?

Yes, qualifying exams and signed, authorized certificates - come with every course except some Refresher courses where they are not required.

How long does the course(s) take to complete?

The course length is determined by the student and not the Instructor. Each student has from one (1) week to a full (1) year to complete their studies. The Online Instructor is available whenever the student wants or needs some assistance in the program.

Is there a discount for purchasing more than a single course at a time?

Yes, we have a variety of services and discounts available dependant on quantity and our Monthly Specials. See our front-page at www.worldspec.org for details.

Are there corporate discounts?

Yes, we have corporate discounts. Please contact our office at 1-877-506-7773 toll-free or International at 604-379-5304 anytime for a free quotation.

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